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          With light background music in tranquility, you can enjoy our healthy and gorgeous hot pot to repel chilly weather.  Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere while taking a sip of coffee, you are suddenly lost in translation.  No matter you are here for pleasure or on business, the room services and concierge of Aqua Bella Hotel will make sure your stay is a perfect one.
          What better way to start your morning than to wake up to the smell of freshly made waffle or one of our freshly brewed exotic teas in our complimentary Riviera breakfast buffet.  All the ingredients are hand-picked and tailored to our guests' overall well being.  We prepare Chinese herbal soup for spa patrons and guests.  Chinese herbal soup, "paper hot pot" and our hand-crafted meals will definitely make your whole experience worthwhile.

63 WenQuan Rd. BeiTou,Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C   http://www.aquabella.com.tw
TEL:+886-2-2891-1118   FAX:+886-2-2891-1112    e-mail
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