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Beitou hot springs is a beautiful region with abundant natural resources and a rich cultural heritage.  It was glorious and magnificent then fell into a period of desperation as time went by.  And now once again, it unveils itself with a brand-new look that is extraordinary and unprecedented.  Come join us at AquaBella Hotel and let us show you what this town is all about.

Ideally located five-minute walk from the Taipei Metro (MRT) XinBeitou station with a direct access to downtown Beitou through Wenquan road, AquaBella's convenient location sure makes your trip effortless

1.  Tourist attractions
-Hotel to Beitau Park: 5 minutes walk.
-Hotel to Ketagalan Culture Center: 10 minutes walk.
-Hotel to Hot Spring Museum: 10 minutes walk.
-Hotel to Hell Valley: 15 minutes walk.
-Hotel to Puchi Temple: 20 minutes walk.
-Hotel to YangMing Mountain.: 20 minutes by bus, or 10 minutes by taxi.
-Hotel to the Palace Museum: 30 minutes by MRT, or 20 minutes by taxi.
-Hotel to DanSui: 20 minutes by Taipei Metro (MRT).
2.  Shopping
-Hotel to Welcome Supermarket: 4 minutes walk.
-Hotel to ShiLin Night Market: 28 minutes by Taipei Metro (MRT).
-Hotel to Taipei 101 Mall: 50 minutes by MRT, or 40 minute by taxi.
-Hotel to Taipei Station: 43 minutes by MRT, or 40 minutes by taxi.
3.  Banking
-Currency exchange: Sunny Bank, First Bank and Taipei Fubon Bank.
-Hotel to Sunny Bank and First Bank: 5 minutes walk.
-Hotel to Taipei Fubon Bank: 10 minutes walk.

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