》RIVIERA winter limited year-end reward package

日期/ Date:2023-12-13

RIVIERA winter limited year-end feedback project


1. Fruit vinegar jelly drink

2.Porcini and Grilled Shrimp Soup

3. Calendula vegetable salad

4. Steamed red-striped grouper with caviar

5. Poached Boron with Truffle Sauce

6. Kucha oil noodles with curry scallops and nine-hole abalone

7. Osmanthus Turtle Ointment


Weekday dinner limited offer NTD 1150 + 10% per guest

Booking unit is 2 guests
Accommodation purchase plan limited to weekdays (weekdays 一~四)not available on holidays
Additional purchase plan for hot spring rest on weekdays (一~四 on weekdays) not available on holidays
Reservation is required three days before check-in. You can add LINE reservation ID: 0911625378
(Since fresh ingredients must be prepared in advance to keep them fresh,
cancellations will not be accepted after booking)
Meal service time is 19:00